Is Your Business Stagnate?

Is Your Business Stagnate?Is Your Business Stagnate?  You working hard, but feeling disappointed because your business is stagnant, it’s not growing.  Do you find yourself like Mary?

Mary wanted to go into business for herself but she didn’t have the time or the money for a franchise.  She heard about direct sales but didn’t know anything about it.  After attending a home party at a friend’s house, she signed up to be a sales consultant with a well-known make-up/skin care company.

Initially, she called family and friends to tell them about her business.  She made up flyers and gave them out advertising an open house party.  At the party, many of her nearest and dearest family and friends attended and booked parties. 

Beyond her intimate circle, Mary rented booths at local trade shows and a local flea market.  She did get more sales and some bookings but over time, her business became a trickle.  She did have repeat customers but new business was hard to find.  She exhausted all of her resources.  Traveling many miles out of her area yielded some sales but not enough to be worth the trip.  What could Mary have done differently?

Marketing Fix: Use the Internet to market your direct sales business

Mary did a lot of things right.  She used word of mouth to let people know about her new business venture.  She also held an open house to introduce people to the products and herself.  People booked parties, bought products, and some may even have signed up as consultants.

Mary advertised her business and reaped profits, but her marketing was limited.  To keep a business going, it takes many marketing tools.  You don’t have to utilize all of them at once but if one has been exhausted, you will have an arsenal of others to employ. 

One way to increase the marketing of your business is to use the Internet. Some direct sales companies don’t allow for marketing on the Internet, but it is a very powerful tool to increase your business potential.  On the Internet, there are several ways to find customers: email marketing, writing content, viral marketing, media marketing, and social networking to name a few.  If Mary had used any of these methods her business would have been able to overcome the slump and sales would increase again. Even if your company does not allow you to market on the Internet, there is no reason why you cannot brand yourself, using your name and talk about things that are important to potential clients and customers building a loyal following and relationships.

If you are able to use the Internet there are many, many avenues to explore from Facebook business pages (NOT your personal page), Google Hangouts, Twitter, Twitter Chats, you can create an event on Facebook and have an online party right on the event page or in a private group.  Distance does not have to limit who can attend your parties.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Video is definitely your friend in many network sales.

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