Did you hear Twitter’s New Announcement?

Did you hear Twitter’s New Announcement?Did you hear Twitter’s New Announcement? They announced last Tuesday that users can send tweets with as many as 280 characters, double the current limit.  This is Twitter’s latest to revive anemic user growth.

The roll-out includes most languages; the exceptions are Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Twitter said those Asian languages can convey approximately double the amount of information in one character compared with many other dialects.

Twitter started testing longer tweets with a small group of Beta testers in September. The Beta testing revealed that people with the expanded character limits spent less time editing tweets.  The testers also got more followers, spent more time on the platform and interacted more with other users on the service.  This was a win for Twitter and the Twitter users.

It was noted that when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they tweeted easier and more frequently.  The 140-character limit is an artifact of a previous technological age before smartphones came on the scene, remember the old flip phones?

Now with smartphones, there is no longer technical limits, placing a limit on the size of tweets. Some think that lengthening the tweets will ruin what is unique about Twitter. However, many of Twitter’s 330 million monthly active users have already found ways to get around the limit by linking to longer post or stories, taking screenshots of full stories, and sending streams of tweets called tweetstorms to complete their thoughts.

Twitter hopes the more extended character limits for tweets will make its service more user-friendly and appealing for more users. Twitter is a popular platform for journalists, politicians, and celebrities, but Twitter has failed to reach a more general audience like other social media platforms such as Facebook.  That said, and on a side note, I have always found Twitter to be my favorite social media platform. In its current form, Twitter has proved awkward for new users, but when Twitter has tried to change any important feature, it has received plenty of negative feedback from users.

Now while most users can post with the additional characters right from the Twitter platform, many of the posting programs have not caught up yet.  I’ve noticed that Hootsuite has not.  Although Meet Edgar has, I have checked many of the other programs out yet, but I am sure they will all catch up, some will just take longer than others.

I did a very informal poll and most users that responded actually prefer the shorter tweets.  With that being said I’m sure many of us who said we prefer shorter tweets will be seen squeezing every additional character that we can into our tweets.

What are your thoughts about being able to use longer Tweets?  Feel free to stop by my Facebook page, and we can chat about it.  You can find me by clicking here.  Kim’s Facebook page.   You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking here:  Kim’s Twitter

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