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LED IP40 Emergency Bulkhead

LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights Maintained Non Maintained Bulkhead              Emergency Light Fitting
LED IP40 Emergency Bulkhead
Maintained and Non-maintained mode optional;
IP40 protection;
Self-test function available;
Inter-changable legends optional;
Ceiling mounting;
LiFePo4 and Ni-Cd batteryoptional;
Duration more than 3hours.
 An economical and practical Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting with simple and generous appearance design, mature and reliable product structure design.

The protection grade of IP40 of this Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting makes the LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights suitable for emergency in most open areas where Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting is needed. Customers can easily switch between maintained mode and non-maintained mode of LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights .

Use high-performance Nickel-chromium battery of this Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting to ensure 3 hours of emergency lighting time. Surface mounting、recessed mounting and wall mounting can be adopted for this LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights, which is applicable to most countries and regions where LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights are needed.

Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting PHOTOMETRIC DATA LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights

3.8W Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting SPECIFICATION LED Bulkhead Ceiling Lights

Input Voltage/ Frequency220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Input Wattage3.8W
Lumen Output300Lm
Viewing Distance24M
Maintained and Non-maintainedM&NM
Test switchYes
Emergency Power Output 0.8W
Emergency Lumen Output100Lm
Emergency Duration>3hours
Battery pack LiFePO4 / Ni-Cd optional
IP Rating IP40
Size350*110*60 mm
Installation typeCeiling mounted

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