Benefits of Transcription

Because people absorb information in different ways, content needs to be provided in different formats including transcripts. Some people prefer to read content, some prefer to listen, and some prefer video. By offering a variety of formats, website owners can attract a larger audience.

So, let’s talk about some of the benefits of transcription and how it can help you as a business owner.

  • Reach a broader market – people that have hearing impairments may come across content and if it’s not offered in a text format such as a transcript of a recent podcast episode, or webinar/teleseminar, they won’t be able to benefit from the content because they can’t hear it. A transcript allows them to have access to podcasts, interviews, teleseminars and other recorded material they might not otherwise be able to listen to. A transcript also gives that person who can’t have computer speakers turned on to listen to the audio access to the content as well. And of course there are those that just prefer to read rather than listen. A transcript gives them that choice.
  • Information Products – one of the great things about transcripts is that they make it easy for a business owner to put a bunch of them together in a way that makes sense and flows nicely, to create information products to sell. For example, if someone has a podcast and they do a weekly series where they interview a successful business owner about a specific topic (blogging for example), each one of these interviews can be transcribed and put together to create a special Or they can use the report as a ‘bribe’ to get people to opt-in to their mailing list.
  • Repurpose the transcripts – another benefit of transcription is that the content from a transcript can be repurposed. Blog posts, articles, special reports and more can be created from the content. Transcripts can even be used as a video script. Bits and pieces of the content can be used as Twitter posts or Facebook messages. The content could also be used to add to a newsletter mailing. The options are nearly limitless.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo can’t search audio and video files. Having transcripts of content (assuming they are posted on the web where they can be accessed) make it easier for the search engines to ‘crawl’ the content. To make the content even more SEO friendly, a keyword/keyword phrase should be used naturally throughout the transcript if possible.
  • Get your name in front of more people – If you have a podcast or interview series, a transcript of each episode may be given to the interviewee, so that he or she can share it with his or her audience. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to a much larger audience, just by having your podcast or interview transcribed.

These are just five of the benefits of transcription. There are more, but these should give a good enough idea to understand how it can be beneficial as a business owner.

In fact, not only is transcription beneficial for online business owners, but also for their audience, giving them additional ways to consume the content. Some are visual, some are audio and some learn best through reading. Providing a transcript is a great way to reach a broader audience, as mentioned above.