Five Tips On Improving Your Ecommerce Customer Service

thumbs up premium service chalkboardWe are going to talk about improving your eCommerce Customer Service today. Before you say this doesn’t pertain to me, I’m a service provider, or I’m not eCommerce. I would most likely disagree with you, or say if you are not, you most likely should be. Almost everyone could be and should be selling online. Whether you have people purchasing your services online through PayPal buttons or you are selling physical products, you are eCommerce. Ecommerce has become the primary way many consumers buy products, and I believe many services. Even the hair stylist I go to has a smart phone app where you can book appointments, order products, and pay for services. That being said, this means there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity. There’s also an abundance of competition. You can leave your competition in the dust if you’re able to provide top-notch customer service. Here’s how:

Five Tips on Improving Your eCommerce Customer Service Policies

Make sure your policies are easy to find and easy to understand. Don’t assume that visitors will notice a small “return policy” link in your footer. Instead, consider integrating your policies into your customers’ shopping process. For example, you might include a pop-over box that states your policy, or you might include it in the checkout process. Of course, this is in addition to having an apparent link to your policies on every single page.


Where do your visitors and potential customers find help on your site? Is there a quick and easy way for them to find answers? Is your contact information available on every page of your site? Is it easy to find? Would your visitors benefit from an online help desk or chat function? If a prospect cannot quickly find answers to their questions, they’ll likely leave your site. Keep them on your site and convert them to customers by making sure you leave no question unanswered.

Be Accessible

We buy from people (and companies) we trust, respect, and like. If you’re not present on your ecommerce website then prospects may wonder why. Include an “about me” page. Also make sure that your contact information is easy to find. Include it on every page and create systems so that each email message or phone call you receive is answered in a timely manner.


Online shoppers are savvy now. They look for reviews, informative content and outside information. You can use technology to provide this information for them. For example, you can create “how to” videos to demonstrate your products. You can use RSS technology to provide links to outside reviews and testimonials, too. Don’t hide information from your prospects; hand it to them on a silver platter – be 100% honest, up front, and transparent.


It is vitally important that customer’s know that your site is secure. Take steps to secure their data and the checkout process. Display your website security measures in the form of SSL certificates to give your customers an extra level of assurance.

Finally, constantly strive to make sure your website navigation is easy for visitors to use. The more user friendly your site is, the better your customer experience. After all, that’s what customer service is about – a great customer experience.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to make your customer’s experiences with you great so they keep coming back, com on over to my facebook page and let’s chat about it.Kim’s Facebook Page. Hope to see you there.

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