9 Ways to Use Infographics in Your Business

9 Ways to Use Infographics in Your Business9 Ways to Use Infographics in Your Business9 Ways to Use Infographics in Your BusinessThe last few weeks we’ve been talking about using infographics, today we are going to talk about 9 ways to use infographics in your business.

Using infographics is a great way to add interest to your content and to breathe new life into your data. There are so many ways in which you can use infographics if you start thinking outside the box to make your content visual instead of just text based. Try using an online creator tool like Canva (http://www.canva.com/) to make your infographics. There are also many other tools available to create infographics some of which are even free.

Also you can buy graphics like the one I used in the graphic here from companies like the one I use this site: http://bit.ly/kimsgraphics

1. To Describe Your Business – Instead of your typical about page, why not turn the about page into an easily sharable infographic? It’s the perfect information to turn into an infographic using creativity and humor to tell the world about you.

2. When Presenting Research Data – Data can be boring, but not if you find a way to show it in a new way with images, graphic design and creative wording in infographic format.

3. To Show Poll Data Visually – Conduct a poll, and then turn the information into a creative infographic.

4. To Explain a Complicated Topic – Sometimes pictures are the best way to explain a concept that is hard to describe in words.

5. To Compare One Thing to Another – When comparing two different concepts or ideas, using an infographic will help people understand the differences at a glance.

6. To Highlight Interesting Facts – Showing a pictorial of various facts with words and images is a great way to get the information across and help others remember certain facts.

7. When Words Take Too Much Space – Images and words in the form of an infographic can depict more information in a smaller amount of space than other forms of content.

8. To Raise Awareness – Infographics are often shared more than a regular blog post or other forms of content. If you really want to raise awareness about a cause, issue or concern, try creating an infographic to share.

9. To Inform Others – A great way to inform your audience of various types of information is to make it easily digestible in smaller bits, images and bullet points.

Infographics are a wonderful way to encapsulate data and information in a new way. Try taking one informative blog post a month and turning it into an infographic to reuse and repurpose the content in a whole new creative way. You can share your infographics on social media like Pinterest and you can ask other people to share your infographic too.

People are more likely to share an infographic than a blog post because most people like sharing visual data more than text-based data. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to understand and digest.

I’d love for you to stop by my Facebook page and let me know if you are using Infographics in your business, and if so how. Do you have a way other than the nine that I’ve mentioned here?  You can find me here, Kim’s Facebook page.

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