Motivation and Goal Setting

Motivation and Goal SettingIt seems at the beginning of every new year we find ourselves talking about things like motivation and goal setting, so this year is no different.

Motivation and Goal Setting

If you knew that you could achieve anything you wanted to, maybe get that job that you always thought was slightly out of your reach or start that business that you always dreamed of, be a better mom, or lose that weight that would be amazing wouldn’t it?

I felt the need to write about goals because for the first time ever I am having a hard time with goals for the year. I know, I hear you it’s almost the end of January. When I worked for the Navy we had to do yearly goals and objectives and boy where they hard.  You wrote those things and you thought you were stretching yourself beyond your job as far as you thought you could and you had to stretch what felt like 1000% more. They were way beyond your job, and they were never anything you could hope to accomplish during your workday for sure. When I started my business I took having goals into my business every year and they were always specific and I tried to make them attainable, but definitely not as challenging, even though I always achieved those goals and objectives working for the Navy, I chose not to put that much pressure on anymore, running a business comes with enough pressure;-)

So, always keep the goal positive. Focusing on a negative energy will prevent you from moving forwards. Focus on what it is that you actually want, the outcome you desire.

Goal setting improves performance when:

– Goals are Specific 

– Goals are Measurable

– Goals are Attainable 

– Goals are Relevant

– Goals are Timely

In order to stay motivated, try doing the following:

1. Identify your Values, Beliefs and Desires

What is important to you motivates you. This simply means that if you assign a value to something important, you are more likely to do what action is required to reach the goal.

People’s goals and desires grow from their values and beliefs.

Make a list of your values, beliefs and desires. Take time to think about the interrelations of the items.

The list should be a source of motivation and must help you achieve goals you have set.  The quality and depth of your motivation is directly related to your commitment. You must be sure that you can live up to reach the goal you have set. To me there is nothing worse to reach the end of the year and not meet goals and expectations.

2. Do a Self-Assessment

Do an informal assessment of your existing abilities. Have a reflection on what you know about yourself. Be honest with yourself.  Underestimation or overestimation of one’s abilities could set yourself up for failure.

All goals should incorporate these common attributes:

A. Realistic – Goal setting should be realistic. The goals set should be based on your existing abilities and circumstances.

B. Possible – Remember not to establish goals that would make the realistic, unrealistic.

C. Flexible – Always anticipate obstacles along the way and learn how to move around them.

D. Measurable – Have a time frame so you would know if you have reached your goal.

E. Under Control – Remember to set your goals based on your own values and beliefs. Target goals where it is possible for you to control the outcome.

3. Role of Personal Circumstance – You should be in a position to be able to act on the goals you have set. Failure to consider your personal circumstances would impair your motivation and goal setting.

Changing circumstances always influences goals. If your circumstances change but your goals don’t adapt it could undermine your motivation.

Redefining goals is very important to remain motivated and stay on the path to success.

4. Breeding Success 

Personal circumstance, motivation and goal setting affect the outcome of success.

If you failed to reach any of these steps, your motivation will diminish, you would fail to work up to your abilities, and this would dampen your chances of success.  Goals and objectives were one of the hardest things that I’ve done in my long career both as an employee and in business.  But boy as they were accomplished it felt so good.  So, this year as I write this to get myself back on track as a refresher I hope that no matter whether you are a homemaker, mom, employee or business owner, however you spend your day that you have goals, or some kind of plan for your life. Blessings!

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