Twitter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Twitter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate AgentsEstablishing a strong social media presence should be an integral part of every real estate professional’s marketing strategies. It creates visibility and at the same time lends authenticity and credibility to your real estate business. Ultimately, you will be positioned as an expert in your niche and locality. Keep reading to find helpful Twitter marketing ideas and tips for real estate agents.

Tip #1: Blend Your Online Brand with Your Offline Brand

Both the appearance and the feel of your brand should blend in a seamless manner in regards to both your offline and online presence. In essence, use the same profile photo, color scheme and design throughout.

Bear in mind that your photo is usually your brand’s defining mark as a professional. So, whatever design you’ve mapped out for your offline brand, ensure the same is reflected on your Twitter profile.

Tip #2: Spell Out Your Goals

Establishing your goals is one of the important steps to take prior to marketing your business via Twitter. It doesn’t matter what your interests are – attracting buyers, top recruits or sellers in your locality, spelling out your specific goals would provide the clarity required to market your real estate business successfully with Twitter. Your goals must be as specific as possible.

Tip #3: Identify Your Target Audience

Don’t join the bandwagon of real estate agents who put up a one-stop shop, instead of defining a target audience to channel their resources and marketing efforts to. If you’re targeting everybody and nobody, in particular, you will end up not reaching any audience.

So, decide the audience you want to focus on so that you can create and curate your marketing contents to target their needs. Remember, it is important to offer your marketing content to your target audience in a fun manner and on a daily basis. Create content that makes your business stand out and positions you as an authority in your locality as well as niche.

Tip #4: Select Your Twitter Tools

The smart move is to go for tools that enable you to listen and interact with your prospects. Some of the applicable tools include Buffer Analyze that helps you schedule your tweets in an automatic manner. Subsequently, you will post the tweets just on time.

There’s also the Sprout Social tool that would assist you in finding new customers for your real estate business. It’s also a great tool for growing your social media presence. Consider adding Social Oomph  to further schedule tweets, welcome new followers, and track keywords. Some other favorite Twitter tools are Hootsuite and Meet Edgar

Finally, engage and inspire your followers on Twitter. This will ultimately lead to building relationships and a lot of conversions for your real estate business.

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