Using Pinterest to grow your Real Estate Business

Pinterest is a great tool for anyone in the real estate business, but just like with most social media marketing, you need to learn how to use it to grow your business. It goes beyond just creating an account and pining listings to rake in the business. There are steps you need to take to make Pinterest work for you and your real estate business. Below are some winning steps to take:

Step #1: Converting Your Account

If you already have a personal account, convert your account and create a business profile. This will give you access to data, such as traffic, charts, clicks, graphs and demographic data. This will provide you get a better understanding of your target market and will give you the ability to more accurately narrow your future marketing efforts.

Step #2: Keywords + Your Name

To make your profile easy to reach when searched, you must add keywords to your name on Pinterest. Also include your location, your real estate niche, your areas of specialization, and other keywords that your ideal clients would search for in your area.

Step #3: Bio Building

Bios should be simple and should tell people how your real estate business helps them and how they can contact you. Let your bio focus more on your audience.

Step #4: Personal connection: Use a brand-friendly photo of your face.

Do not make the mistake of uploading a picture of a nice building or an old listing as a profile picture. Make a personal connection; upload your personal picture that looks friendly and welcoming. Remember that people work better with those that they remember, like and trust. While your kids and pets are no doubt adorable it’s not who your clients will be doing business with.

Step #5: Create Pinterest Boards about Your Real Estate Business Niche

Pinterest boards are as good as your blog. You need to thoughtfully and creatively create boards on categories that are related to your business.

Boards to Pinterest are what categories are to blogs. Include photos that your ideal client would be interested in and search for. When you do this, you’re going to attract your ideal client to your Pinterest account and they will have plenty of content to keep them coming around (and eventually contact you to buy or sell a home!).

Step #6: Delete All Off-Brand Photos and Boards

You do not need images that will aren’t attracting the right people in your Pinterest account. Therefore, delete every unrelated image. Focusing your photos on relevant topics will attract more of the potential clients to your real estate business

Step #7: Include at least One Pinnable Image per Post

You should have access to some of the most beautiful photos in town as a realtor. Create and upload beautiful images of size 735 x 1102 ideally. All you need do is to just post them on your blog and pin them on Pinterest.

If you need help with boards feel free to contact me for ideas.  Be the expert on your community.  Have boards that give great types on staging, tips on moving, they are a lot of great ideas.  If we are not connected on Pinterest, you can find me here:


Here is a link to quotes and graphics that you can use to get started on Pinterest, some are FREE


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