Choosing Images for Your Content

Is Choosing Images for Your Content an Afterthought?

Is Choosing Images for Your Contentchoosing images for your content an afterthought when it comes to online content? If so, we are going to talk about why that needs to change. The image you choose can actually have a big impact on spreading your content brand’s image. Someone is more likely to check out your content if their eye is drawn toward it by a powerful image.

Guidelines for Choosing Images

The best images are colorful. They draw the visitor’s attention and offset the mild colors of your text. If the image you want to use isn’t colorful enough, it’s easy to enhance the colors with photo editing software.

Images should be simple with a strong focal point. The focal point is the area to which your eyes are drawn. You can determine this by showing your picture to someone and asking what they see first. If it’s the same as what you see, the image has a good focal point. Simplicity helps this and also makes your image more viewable on a small mobile screen.

Finally, an image must be relevant. Don’t choose images that are merely colorful and eye catching. If the image isn’t relevant, it will clash with the message of your content and your brand, and really won’t make sense to your reader.

Finding Images

There are several ways to find images for free. One is to search for creative commons. Creative commons images are free images that anyone can use, usually with some restrictions. You might have to credit the creator of the image. You can do this by simply writing ‘image by (name), licensed through creative commons.’

Another option is to use stock image sites. There are many good images offered for free through stock photo sites. If you don’t mind paying a little, there are even more available.

The best images to use are your own original ones. Whenever possible, take your own photos or create your own images. There are many programs out there to do that, two very easy ones that have free version are PicMonkey ( and Canva (

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