5 Reasons to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Operating a successful and money-making blog is all about creating classic content. Your blog cannot generate full-time income, getting shares, or building of authority without great content. However, to repurpose your blog content is to take a small part of the content and use it to come up with other kinds of media such as videos, social media posts, and paid products.

In a simple term, therefore, we can define content repurposing as a process of reformatting any current or recent content into an entirely a different format such as changing a blog content or post into slideshow, video or PDF.

It is noteworthy that content is not only about the text or even restricted to the blog posts and the articles alone. Blog content is all about the whole thing in the pages of your websites, data sheets, podcasts, pictures of products or services, the videos have created, and more. Part of the curation process is finding and organizing all this wonderful content. As a result, to repurpose is to take part of the content like a video or creating a white paper or slideshow from the information in the content.

Without a doubt, content marketing is the best way to go and that a website having fresh content will be discovered more easily due to the fact the search engines love seeing new stuff. However, creating fresh content on daily basis seems an impossible task. The stress of creating a unique blog content is gone; all you need nowadays is to establish a different way to repurpose already existing content.

Here are 5 great reasons to follow this course:

  1. Improved SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is adjudged one of the greatest tools for marketing, and building SEO is much easier with repurposed and curated content that already includes the phrases and SEO keywords that best fit your needs. You increase the possibility of getting to a wider audience as well as other people who are curating your content by putting your content on different platforms. The social signs are inbound links that impact your SEO when your content gets curated or syndicated by someone.

There are endless variations of phrases and search terms the keywords can appear, in your content, even as you may target 10 keywords. You increase your chances of having the captivating combination with more versions of similar content out there.

  1. Wider Audiences on Diverse Platforms

The fact that you can reach different audiences on diverse platforms without the need of creating original content for each platform is the main advantage of repurposing your content. People’s preferences are different for the kind of content they use. While some of them like reading blog content, others prefer video or audio. But you can expand the reach of your content with repurposed content.


  1. The Aptitude to Collaborate

It is when people from several departments contribute towards the content that content marketing works best. Telling your team members to repurpose the content of each other can be a great initiative as each person has a different viewpoint or perception about it. As a result, repurposing your blog content offers you with an opportunity to work together in a team.


  1. Good Organization or Efficiency

A piece of content can become the focal point for a complete range of other content pieces in the core and spoke model of content creation. Your focal point may be an 8-page white paper that spawns a couple of podcasts, images, a set of brief videos, a slideshow, a range of blog posts, or several tweets. The bottom line is that you cover the whole range of traditional and social marketing from one piece of content or event like a new service offering.

  1. Personalization Made Easy

You can easily generate more targeted versions for specific sections of your customer base, due to the fact that you are making changes to the present material. This similar material offered in different ways has more chance of receiving attention from a wider range of audience than trying a one-size-fits-the majority message. This also works well for vertical marketing.

Final Thoughts

Repurposing helps you perfect each version of your product or service for a different vertical instead of creating an entirely new piece for each target if your product or service is used across numerous businesses or industries.

Do you use the repurposing strategy today? Is it part of your SEO technique? To repurpose your blog content can be a great way to take your website to the next level because it is a powerful tool. What is your opinion about content repurposing?

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