The A- List of Facebook Marketing Strategies

The A- List of Facebook Marketing StrategiesWhile other people use Facebook to chat with their friends or to share pictures and videos, business people use it for marketing and branding. In order to become successful through gaining traffic and sales, businesses should use the most effective strategies of Facebook marketing. First, when doing business, you MUST be using a business page, and not your personal page.  Now with that out of the way, have a look at the A-List of Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Making use of the site’s existing traffic. It is essential to have a company website because it will serve as a hub where people purchase the products and know everything about the particular services. To maximize existing traffic, insert clickable social media icons on the website which can redirect the user to the company’s Facebook page or any social media pages it has.

It is recommended to put these icons on the homepage header because they are noticeable in this area. This action could also provide better CTR (click-through rate) placements.

  • Displaying fan page URLs by using e-mail signatures. When sending e-mails to potential customers, including fan page URLs beneath the email message or signature. By doing this, there will be an increase in traffic or following if the recipients click these attached URLs.
  • Sending out email blasts. One way of letting people know that a particular business has a Facebook page is through sending email blasts. AWeber and MailChimp are some of the tools used in e-mail marketing.
  • In-store promotion of a Facebook page. Offline promotion is an ideal way of telling people that a business is now on Facebook. Print and include the Facebook page URLs on store’s wall, glass doors, business cards, paper bags and etc.
  • Knowing when is the best time to post and schedule the status updates. By consistently planning the posting schedule, target audience will be more engaged in liking, sharing and commenting on posts especially if they are educational and entertaining.
  • Using Facebook Ads. They can help in gaining followers and business growth. They are also used to create Facebook marketing campaigns. Plus, they are not that expensive.
  • Creating Facebook Contests. Facebook users like a particular fan page in order to participate in its contests. Conducting a simple photo contest can increase Facebook likes for up to 5 times more than a regular post. Prizes to be given away may vary ranging from items to services. Don’t forget to do promotions during the contest period to draw more fans.
  • Using Facebook’s “@” Feature. Tagging people and other pages with this feature will make them feel recognized. Therefore, it establishes relationships between the business and its customers.
  • Developing Facebook custom tabs and apps. It is an additional option that can be used to gain more likes and fans by allowing fans to access event details, deals, and other exclusive advantages.
  • Engaging with own Facebook community and other Facebook fan pages. This is like a win-win situation. Apart from building a strong relationship with customers, it could also create fan conversions when additional people will like the page upon seeing it on other Facebook pages.
  • Joining and creating Facebook groups. Their privacy is classified into three: open, closed and secret.
  • Open Facebook group is typically used for increasing brand awareness and growing network. Therefore, it should focus on interactions and participation from the fans.
  • Closed Facebook group can be seen by anyone but only the members can see the posts inside it. It is mainly used for customer support services.
  • A secret group is only seen by members and is used for confidential discussions.

Even if these 3 groups have different functionalities, the ultimate goal is to build the ideal relationship for every group type.

There are a lot of Facebook marketing strategies out there but having the above-mentioned examples on hand is a great start.  Want to use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness take a look at the new eBook below.  Until next week.  Have a great week!

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