3 Reasons Why You Should Start Building An Email List

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Building An Email ListEmail marketing is just as significant as social media engagement. Yet, some business owners are ignoring or avoiding email marketing altogether. Not only should you invest time and effort in email marketing, but you must also build an email list. Today we are going to talk about 3 reasons why you should start building and email list.

  1. You Own it…You Control It…It’s Yours!

While social media is one of the essentials for growing a profitable business, it’s not the most important for communicating with your audience and clients or customers. It is excellent for connecting you with your audience, it allows you to share valuable content, and it also drives traffic back to your site. There is one HUGE problem with social media.

You don’t own it, and you never will!

You don’t own Twitter or Facebook or any of the other social media sites that you’ve spent so much time to grow a following. They could be gone tomorrow, which while not likely to happen, your account could be gone tomorrow for many reasons. If you’ve been on Facebook for more than about five minutes, you know that they regularly change the algorithm. Once upon a time, you could pay for ads, and then the people that liked your page would be shown future content, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Lucky for you, you have control over your list. So, even if tomorrow, you wake up and you are locked out of your Facebook account, and can’t talk to your followers there, you can still communicate with the people on your list, and that is a relief.

  1. Sending regular email can build relationships and trust.

Building trust and relationships in business is what you want to be doing.  Without doing that first, you are not going to build a sustainable business.
In today’s email marketing, messages can be personalized and segmented very narrowly.  You can make the person feel like you are talking directly to them. Over the course of multiple emails, you will build trust, never ever do anything to destroy that trust!

  1. No, Email is not Dead, it’s Alive and Thriving

There are approximately 4.9 billion email users in the world give or take one or two.  Of those users about three-quarters are consumers.  So, see right there shows email is alive and thriving, and if you are not using it, what are you waiting for???  Email definitely isn’t going anywhere it’s here to stay so you might as well embrace it and love it.  No matter what you do, whether you are a real estate agent, pet sitter, medical doctor, you name it having a list can only enhance your business and what you have to offer your customers or clients.

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