Ten Ways to Offer Value and Increase Engagement

There are a number of ways to offer value and increase engagement when it comes to marketing your business to your target audience. Audience engagement engenders brand recognition, reach and loyalty. It also fosters a community spirit. It shows that you’re not just interested in selling them stuff, but in building a relationship with them and creating a meaningful conversation and connection.

Here are ten ways to offer value and increase engagement.

1. Create Great Content

All marketing online starts with some form of content, whether it is an article at your blog or a post on your Facebook page. Create the kind of content you know the people in your niche are looking for and you should get comments, likes and shares.

2. Turn On Commenting at Your Blog

Allow site visitors to comment on your content. In WordPress, adjust this in the Settings=>General and =>Discussions tabs. Moderate the comments to avoid spam.

3. Make It Easy to Find Your Content

When you post a great piece of content at your blog, tell people about it. Email your list, post a link at your social networks, and more.

4. Make It Easy to Connect to You on Social Media

At your site, be sure to show all the social network accounts they can find you at. Encourage them to come and join in with the conversation.

5. Make It Easy to Share Your Content

There are a number of plugins and tools you can add to your blog or website which will allow your visitors to share content easily, with just a couple of clicks. They can email to others, share on Facebook, and so on.

6. Create an “Authority” Site

Don’t just think about creating a blog. Try to plan an authority site related to your niche – one that creates the impression you’re in the know and worth paying attention to.

7. Create a Wide Variety of Content to Interact With

Content these days has to be interesting, entertaining, and varied. People have content-consumption preferences. They also have different learning styles, with about 70% of all people being visual learners who would get more out of a video, image or infographic than they would out of a long article. Types of content to create for your site, and share at popular sites, would be:

* Articles
* Videos (share on YouTube)
* Podcasts (share on SoundCloud)
* PowerPoint decks (share on SlideShare.net)
* Memes
* Infographics
* Checklists
* Quizzes

8. Start Your Own Discussion Board or Forum

A discussion board or forum about your niche can also help you position your site or blog as a destination site no one interested in that niche will want to miss.

9. Crowdsource Your Content

Those who participate will be happy to promote their own contributions. You also get the benefit of not having to crank out so much content yourself all the time.

10. Offer Exclusive Content

Plugins like BizPanda and software like Traffic Zombie offer access to exclusive content if your prospective customer takes a certain action. Set the terms and create the “prize” and see how much engagement you can get.

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