LED Recess Mounted Round Emergency Spot

LED Recess Mounted Round Emergency Spot
Non-maintained mode;
IP40 protection;
PC body and PC diffuser;
Self-test function available;
Test switch available;
Recess mounted;
LiFePo4 and Ni-Cd battery optional;
Duration more than 3hours.
LED Emergency Spotlight can be applied to the top lighting area of stores and shopping malls where led emergency spot lamp is necessary, as well as the circular normal spot lamp installation area such as the special commodity display area where led emergency spot lamp is needed.

With convenient installation and application of LED Emergency Spotlight, and PMMA lens with high transmittance in the LED Emergency Spotlight ensures the lighting brightness of led emergency spot lamp in emergency state.
3W LED Emergency Spotlight SPECIFICATION
Input Voltage/ Frequency220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Input Wattage3W
Lumen Output300Lm
Viewing Distance24M
Maintained and Non-maintainedM&NM
Test switchYes
Emergency Power Output 2.5W
Emergency Lumen Output300Lm
Emergency Duration>3Hours
Battery pack LiFePO4 / Ni-Cd Optional
IP Rating IP40
Sizeφ95*34 mm
Installation typeRecess Mounted

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