Who Uses a Transcriptionist?

Here are some people that could use the help of a transcriptionist and why:

  • Life Coach – they could have their coaching calls transcribed and give them to their clients (and keep one on file for themselves) so that they (the client and coach) have a reference sheet for what was talked about in the call.
  • Business Coach – again, just like a life coach and what was mentioned above, a business coach could also have their coaching calls transcribed and give it to their clients.
  • Writers – maybe a writer has several pages of notes jotted down or they recorded some ideas, they could have these transcribed so that they have a more organized way of looking at their notes/thoughts so it will help them in the writing process.
  • Speakers – when a speaker does a presentation, they can have it transcribed and then send out the transcript to all the participants as a bonus. If they’re going to turn the presentation into an information product, the transcript can be an added bonus.
  • Information Product sellers – again, this goes back to the different ways people like to consume information. A product seller could have a video or audio presentation transcribed and turn it into a written information product.
  • Podcasters – A transcript of a podcast episode might be offered on a website as a free download, added to Amazon as a Kindle book, or compiled with a series of episodes into an information product to sell.
  • Researchers – Whether you are an academic or business researcher transcripts of your research interviews or focus groups transcripts are a gold mine. Listening and taking all of that information in there is no way you can remember everything.  It’s a must-have when writing your reports and papers.

The list could go on and on but this gives you a general idea of people can benefit from having their events, work, etcetera transcribed.

If you are wondering if you would benefit from having a transcript of your audio or video just ask!